The DryPol® system dries out damp and permanently insulates brickwork with no structural alterations required

  • Unique technology, the DryPol® system electronic device is intended to eliminate ground moisture and permanently insulate brickwork with no structural alterations required.
  • The DryPol® system dries out and permanently insulates damp brickwork, damp building foundations, damp cellars, apartments, historical, listed, commercial or representative buildings for a fraction of the cost of standard methods of removing damp from masonry. 
  • The DryPol® system enables you to dry out damp brickwork and permanently insulate it quickly, easily, safely and with no structural alterations required.
  • DryPol® system = a dry and healthy home for several generations.

We provide the following warranties on brickwork dried and permanently insulated using the DryPol® system technology:

  • Written 30-year warranty on free servicing of the device
  • Written warranty on the final result of drying the building, with the option to withdraw from the contract within three years.
  • Written warranty on full financial compensation if the guaranteed reduction in damp in the brickwork is not achieved within 3 years of using the DryPol® system from the data of installation
  • Written warranty on the guaranteed maximum reduction in damp in brickwork – 3% of the moisture weight of the building material in parts of buildings above ground level and 6.5% of the moisture weight of the building material in underground (basement) parts of buildings.
  • The DryPol® system removes damp from brickwork and permanently insulates the building​

Put your building affected by rising damp in the hands of the DryPol® system


  • No effect on the surrounding environment
  • Dries out and permanently and completely insulates the entire building with no structural alterations required
  • Removes mould, fungi, spores and bacteria from brickwork, eliminating the health risk
  • Dries out and permanently insulates damp brickwork in buildings with no major interference required
  • Installed by a specialised firm, including measuring moisture in the brickwork of the building 
  • Maintenance-free and permanent operation
  • Saves up to 70% on heating costs after building is dried out
  • Negligible energy consumption, approximately 10 € per year
  • The DryPol® system lets you dry out your building with no structural alterations required.

This is a unique device which makes natural use of the properties of damp buildings affected by ground moisture.

  • The DryPol® system removes damp from brickwork safely, with no structural alterations whatsoever required, and will rid you of related problems associated with capillary rising damp in masonry.
  • The device electronically stimulates water saturated with mineral salts in brickwork, stops damp from rising into the building and, after working for a certain amount of time, actively draws moisture back into the subsoil from where the damp has been rising.
  • The DryPol® system is a proven, safe, fast and economical way to achieve a dry home.

Do you have problems with damp brickwork, mould and bacteria in your building?

  • Do you have problems with damp brickwork? Troubled by mould on the brickwork? Is your house not insulated against ground moisture or is that insulation no longer working?? Do you own or use a damp house, apartment, cottage, commercial or other premises? Are you the owner or manager of a listed or historical cultural monument which has problems with ground moisture?
  • We have a modern solution for you – the DryPol® system electro-physical technology. The DryPol® system is able to permanently dry and insulate up to 900m2 of floor area, depending on the type of DryPol® system used.

How do dry out damp brickwork and permanently insulate buildings using the DryPol® system contactless technology:

The DryPol® system is the solution to damp and mould in buildings

  • The DryPol® system is the ideal solution for buildings which are already occupied, have been refurbished, including thermal insulation, or where no other insulation method can be used due to the building technology, the surrounding terrain, because the building is in a terraced row or is a listed building.
  • This means of removing damp and permanently insulating brickwork is just as effective as standard mechanical insulation methods such as undercutting and chemical injection, the only difference being that the installation of the DryPol® system does away with the need for any structural alterations, demolition, cutting, drilling and any other destructive work.
  • The DryPol® system offers an elegant and guaranteed solution to damp in buildings.

The DryPol® system for drying out brickwork acts to permanently insulate the building against ground capillary moisture

  • The drying process is gradual, and so does not disturb the statics of the building. Contactless drying is suitable for any kind of building, from family houses and commercial premises to monuments, historical buildings, churches, etc.
  • The DryPol® system works on all types of building materials and combinations of materials in brickwork. The device works to dry out and permanently insulate not only the walls, but also the floors, basement areas, cellars and the floors in them, including the building foundations, all at the same time!